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Welcome to U.K. Wetland Habitats

Welcome to U.K. wetland Habitats this is an online encyclopedia all about wetland habitats in the United Kingdom. We will cover everything from the types of wetland habitats to field guides of the life that can be found in each of the habitats. Also we will discuss the projects and issues of each habitat and the science bits that make them work.

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All the images using this site are my own and all the information my own, with some references from books. I puts a lot of information into the pages from my training at Sparsholt College for the wetlands and there is a lot of research done on me part and we make it available for everyone using this site. As a hub for information on everything about habitats and projects that can be undertaken to preserve, restore and creating suitable habitats for maximum diversity.

Our Aims

Our aims is to provide as much information about habitats, the projects that can be undertaken on a habitat, to provide useful information for reference, so to get a fuller understanding of that wildlife that lives in each of that habitats.. Also to put all this information into one site so people can come back again and again to get the information that is needed for their research and projects.

My History

My name is Darren Russell. I have begun in creating this website in March 2010. I have had a long interest in habitats and nature from a young age where I would take part in nature walks and reading information in field guides

On the I have completed a National Diploma in Sport Fishery Management in which I received the grade triple Distinction. One this course I know that most of it is about fish and wetland but also a large part is about habitats and how to manage them. I know most of my experiences are mainly aquatic and I wish to branch out to other habitats of the United Kingdom. I now go out and take pictures and videos of wildlife in which I will incorporate in to this website I have collected some survey equipment such a field microscope telescope and camera that can be used on the microscope and telescope. I have nets a and survey equipment to get pictures not just of the big things everyone see but including the small things not many people take notice of such as invertebrates which are one the most important life forms on the planet providing food for a variety of other wildlife in their respective food chains